Freight Service - Dump Trailer - Sales of Construction Aggregates


     Located in Worthington Springs, Florida, Mid-Fla Hauling sells and delivers many different materials. Their main business is construction aggregates such as: Limerock, Sand, Baseball Clay, Dolomite, Gypsum, and many other materials.


       Mid-Fla Hauling has been serving much of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia for 26 years. They have hauled for many big projects such as: Nocatee Subdivision in St. Johns and Duval Counties, and they have also hauled Base Limerock for the widening of I-295 and I-95.

Our service is the number one priority at Mid-Fla hauling. Upon request we will provide you with a list of customers for reference. Mid-Fla Hauling, Inc. has been a corporation since 1984, we have 50 tractor-trailers with access to over 50 more. We are very proud of our Safe Stat record, it is one of the lowest in Florida for our type of trucking company, hauling construction aggregates.